LBE responds to Victoria Hall consultation

A report on the Victoria Hall Trust consultation is to be discussed by the Council’s General Purposes Committee on 15th March. The report says over 275 people responded to the consultation and it lists the wide-ranging objections to the Council’s plans:

  1. Objections to disposal of Ealing Town Hall
  2. Objections to changing the Trust Objects
  3. Desire for local people to be able to join the Trust Board
  4. Further clarity on consultation needed
  5. Desire to extend the consultation deadline
  6. Request for an ACV to be set up and the building run by a community group
  7. Victoria Hall should be able to fund the operation of the Trust in future
  8. Development value is high and the Council should pay the value to the Trust
  9. Council Trustees have been failing in their fiduciary duty
  10. Concern about loss of Community Space
  11. The Trust is not being adequately compensated under the arrangements to dispose to Mastcraft

The report dismisses all these concerns and recommends that the Committee ask the Charity Commission to approve the plans to dispose of the trust’s assets as part of the Council’s deal with Mastcraft.

Watch this space for updates.


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