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  1. Thank you for taking the trouble to check up on Ealing’s bureaucrats. I have lived in Ealing for 26 years and watched it slowly going down the drain. Ealing’s ‘officers’ allowed the cinema to be destroyed when it was in a so-called Conservation Area, and it has been an eye-sore ever since. About three or four hotels have been established (all American chains) in Ealing so why do we need a ’boutique’ one – and who is going to be attracted to Ealing anyway – over-crowded and scruffy, and looking at the type of buildings along the Broadway – ugly and without any decent design or cohesion. I agree with you, we need the old Town Hall as a Community and Arts Centre now that the Council have taken away our cinema, and we also need to make Ealing’s Officers account for how they keep their Accounts because they have deliberately allowed the old Town Hall to become neglected. They forget that they spend OUR money, and its not theirs to do with as they please and make developers richer than they already are!

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