Southall Town Hall Win! – Press Release

30th July 2018

HIGH COURT JUDGE QUASHES EALING COUNCIL’S DECISION TO SELL ICONIC BUILDING – HISTORIC VICTORY FOR LOCAL CAMPAIGNERS TO SAVE SOUTHALL TOWN HALL. On Friday, the 20th July 2018, the SAVE SOUTHALL TOWN HALL CAMPAIGN won a major victory at the Royal Courts of Justice. In an oral judgement, Justice McKenna has ruled that Ealing Council acted unlawfully and unreasonably in their decision to sell the Southall Town Hall, an iconic…



We have just received a report from Janpal Singh Basran that campaigners have won their legal case to prevent the sale of Southall Town Hall by Ealing Council. Our congratulations to all the individuals and groups in Southall who have fought hard to preserve this important and well used community asset. Official press release will follow.

20th July 2018

The fight for Southall Town Hall goes on

The fight to retain Southall Town Hall is to go to a full judicial review hearing. Campaigners seeking to preserve the Town Hall as a hub for the community had been disappointed when a judge decided that their case should not proceed. However at an 18th April hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, Judge Kate Markus QC ruled the case should go to a full hearing. A large number…

18th April 2018

Day of Action to Save Southall Town Hall

       Around 100 people joined Southall’s Februrary 9th Day of Action and the campaign to retain Southall Town Hall as a hub for the Southall community. Flags and banners made for a highly colourful demonstration which attracted the attention of London ITV cameras and local media reporters ExposureBox.  The Town Hall is the home to the Southall Community Alliance which plays a vital role in bringing together groups from across…

12th February 2018

Campaign to Save Southall Town Hall steps up a gear

Campaigners in Southall are intensifying their opposition to the disposal of their Town Hall which, while surplus to the Council’s needs, is used locally as a crucial resource that provides a centre for community groups supporting those on the margins of the Borough’s society. Southall Town Hall dates from a similar period to the Ealing Town Hall. It was built at a time of civic pride and a belief in…

7th February 2018

Southall Town Hall also under threat

A separate campaign is underway to save Southall Town Hall which the Council wants to offload to a faith group on a 250 year lease. Southall Town Hall has long associations with the history and development of Southall and its communities. It is now the last remaining public building in the town and serves as a busy hub hosting local organisations and businesses who provide vital services to the Southall…

19th January 2018